SEIMC Course special thanks

We would like to show our gratitude to SEIMC and specially to Dr. Belén Rodríguez from Hospital Gregorio Marañón of Madrid and Dr. Marina Ovianio from Hospital Universitario of A Coruña for the organization of the ‘First MALDI-TOF Applications Course in Clinical Microbiology’, where we imparted a seminar on data processing for MALDI-TOF MS and Read more about SEIMC Course special thanks[…]

Susceptibility testing with MALDI-TOF MS

Bacterial infections are one of the most common causes of death worldwide. That is why fast and correct therapies are a really important key for the survival of patients with such kind of diseases. Matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry entered the microbiological field some years ago, and since then, it has become an Read more about Susceptibility testing with MALDI-TOF MS[…]

Classification and identification of proteomic biomarkers with Machine Learning

Mass spectrometry technique is already known for its targeted, non-targeted and high throughput abilities that give it a great potential as a tool for proteomics data analysis. However, the quantification and identification methods that are used generate large amounts of data. At this point, a computational approach is required, and machine learning is one of Read more about Classification and identification of proteomic biomarkers with Machine Learning[…]

Catheter’s risk of resistant infections

The most common healthcare-acquired infections are urinary tract infections (UTIs), and half of them are associated with catheters. Approximately, a third of people catheterised develop bacteria in their urine after a few days, and 25% of them get infected. Fortunately, but still serious enough, a small percentage of them will develop life-threatening infections like sepsis. Read more about Catheter’s risk of resistant infections[…]

Antimicrobial resistance detection with MALDI-TOF MS

Application of MALDI-TOF MS to fight against bacterial resistance to antibiotics is growing fast. Traditional techniques are time-consuming and costly. This means the patient’s life is at risk. Therefore, it is important to find biomarkers of antimicrobial resistance to perform fast and cost-efficient resistance identification. MALDI-TOF MS has revolutionised pathogen identification. This has been described Read more about Antimicrobial resistance detection with MALDI-TOF MS[…]